You Are Here invites the submissions of written works by visual artists for their March 2020 edition of three volumes: Labor, Power, and Love. The publication prioritizes the voices of visual artists and encourages experimental, poetic, and critical responses. Selected artists will be compensated $100. Written works will fit alongside visual ephemera and will be designed collaboratively with selected artists.

All submissions must already be complete: please no proposals for unwritten work.

Submission deadline: Feb. 29, 2020.

“You Are Here” is an independent collaborative publication for the unseen, the unpublishable, and the unknown. We print and distribute critical essays, art dissent, experimental poetry and fiction, art documentation, and ephemera that address and challenge exclusionary systems. The publication is a hybrid third space: it becomes an exhibition space, a poetic space, a critical space, and a political act for circumventing art world hegemony and capitalist structures of production.